Transformers: The Last Knight

The movie was full of action scenes which I was expecting from Michael Bay. If you Kung hindi mo pa napapanood yung first 3 transformers movies then it will not give you headache. Seriously, when I'm watching the movie I was thinking like "Did blah blah supposed to be dead?" and "How did that happen?"... Continue Reading →

Fast And Furious 8

The latest installment of movie Fast and Furious gave me so much excitement and jawdropping scenes! I was at the edge of my seat when watching it, one of the best so far. So much revelations, action packed, more cars and lots of laugh. FF8 is all about how Dominic Torreto (Vin Diesel) betrays his... Continue Reading →

Ghost In The Shell #SmartGigaMovies

I won again a pair of tickets (what's new?? Haha) last night for Ghost In The Shell, the second special blocked screening of Smart Postpaid to its loyal subscribers for the year 2017 and ooohh! there will be more to come so keep subscribing to their Smart Giga Plans for a chance to be invited.... Continue Reading →

Kong: Skull Island

Lucky I was able to watch the last screening of Kong: Skull Island last night, special thanks to Ayala Malls Cinemas ( I won again. Lol) and I always love watching movies at Ayala malls, the aircon, the cinematic experience that I always need, simple but satisfaction guaranteed. So the movie is all about a giant... Continue Reading →

Power Rangers Movie

Month of March is totally a month that is full of money worthy movies and the're are plenty of em coming up. So last night, I've won pair of tickets again to the advance screening of my much awaited movie of the year, Power Rangers!! Special thanks to MOR 101.9 for the opportunity to watch... Continue Reading →

Beauty and The Beast

I won a pair of tickets last night and experienced the magical world of Belle in Beauty and The Beast. This was the first time that I'm gonna see the movie and I don't have any idea what's the flow of the story because back then I am too busy watching episodes of Mighty Morphin... Continue Reading →

Puerto Galera

Summer is finally coming and one thing we do before we spend our hardwork money on it is to find the perfect destination that is really worth it. Here in the Philippines, the most common days that most people spend their summer is during holy week (long weekend). Sure thing most of the beach, resorts... Continue Reading →

Hard To Fall Asleep

Last year, I had this habit of thinking too much while I am trying to sleep and takes me different positions before my brain and my eyes agreed to take a rest. I find it very difficult to understand but why is it so hard to take a sleep as I get older and older... Continue Reading →

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